Dr. Mohammed Nahel


MBBS, FCPS (UK), FICS (Germany), WHO Fellowship (Sexual Function), Advance Course (Urology), Singapore, Australia

Dr. Jonathon is amongst the best Cardiologist in this part of the world, with tremendous experience of expertise gained at top hospitals. 8+ years of Experience in Dermatology Catheterization, Primary and complex angioplasty device closure.

Experience 25+ Years
Language English, Arabic, France
Specialty Dermatology, Urology


  • - Specialist Plastic Surgery(UAEIDHA, September 2016).
  • - Specialist (A) Plastic Surgery(UAE/MOH, July 2013).
  • - Syrian Board (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)(Damascus, May 2015).
  • - Syrian Board (General Surgery)(Damascus, June 2015).
  • - Fellow of the International College of Surgeons in General and Plastic Surgery(Chicago Oct 2002).
  • - Certificate of Specialization in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (Excellent Grade) (Syrian Health Ministry, Damascus Apr 1992).
  • - Certificate of Specialization in General Surgery (Excellent Grade)(Syrian Health Ministry, Damascus Mar 1988).
  • - M.S. four years scheme in General Surgery(Aleppo University, Jan 1988).
  • - M.D.(Aleppo University, Aug 1983).
  • Previous Appointments:

  • 1988-1992:
  • Plastic Surgery Training, the U.K. at
  • - City Hospital, Nottingham Health Authority.
  • - Royal Preston Hospital, Preston Health Authority.
  • - Frenchay Hospital, Bristol Health Authority.
  • - Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury Health Authority.
  • 1983-1987:
  • MS Postgraduate Training Program in General Surgery at Aleppo University Hospital
  • Present Appointments:

  • Royal Aesthetic Clinic, Dubai Health Care City:(since 1st November 2021)
    • Dubai London Clinic Hospital.
    • Shami Day Surgery Hospital.

    Past Appointments:

  • - Specialist Plastic Surgeon Bella Roma Specialty Hospital.
    (July 2021-October 2021)
  • - Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Saudi. German Hospital,
    Dubai.(May 2018-June 2021).
  • - Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Bizrah Medical Centre Dubai (BMC)
    (Apr 2017-May 2018).
  • - Specialist Plastic Surgeon, International Aesthetic Medical Center,
    Dubai (Sept 2016-Apr 2017) - Unit Director (Apr 1994-Aug 2016).
  • - Member of the National Examination Board for Plastic Surgery, Health Ministry,
    Damascus(Apr 1993-Aug 2016) .
  • - Instructor of the National Examination Board for Plastic Surgery, Health Ministry,
    Damascus (Apr 2004-Aug 2016).
  • - Member of the. Scientific Council of Plastic Surgery Health Ministry, Damascus (May 1995-Aug 2016) .
  • - International Liason Officer for Plastic Surgery in Syria, Health Ministry,
    Damascus (Aug 1995-Aug 2016).
  • - IPRAS National Delegate for Syria
    (Jan I995-Aug 2016) .
  • - Medico-legal National Courts Sworn Connoisseur
    (Jan 1996-Aug 2016) .
  • - Vice-President, Syrian Association of Plastic Surgeons,
    Damascus(Nov 2007-Aug 2016) .
  • - Member of the Board Certification Subcommittee of IPRAS, Member of IPRAS ExCo,
    (Since Apr 2011).
  • - Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Burns & Plastic Surgery Unit, Al-Razi Hospital,
    Aleppo Health Directorate(Jan 1993-Aug 2016).
  • Plastic Surgery Interests:

    Abdominoplasty, Liposuction and Fat Transfer, Rhinoplasty, Aesthetic Breast Surgery, Local Flaps in Head & Neck, Secondary Burns Surgery.


    Syrian Physician's Syndicate (Damascus Sept 1983)
    British Burn Association (Wakefield , Sept 1991)
    European Burn Association (Leuven , Sept 1992)
    Syrian Society of. Plastic Surgeons, "Founding Member" (Damascus June 1993)
    International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. (Madrid Sept 1993)
    British Association of Aesthetic Plastic (London Oct 1993)
    Surgeons - International Society for Burns Injuries (Tokyo Dec 1994)
    Pan Arab Association of Plastic (Cairo Mar 1995)
    Surgeons - European Tissue Repair Society (Copenhagen Aug 1998)
    British Syrian Society (London May 2004)


    English language course (Cambricl,ge, Jesus College, 1977)
    Clinical attachment performed by the International Federation of Medical Student Association, Lungun Klinic (Koln-Merheim 1982)
    Limited attachment, General Surgery at Southmead Hospital (Bristol 1984)

    Educational Activities and Publications:

    Congenital Deformities of the foot (A.leppo University)
    Diagnostic Methods of Surgical diseases of Liver, Gall Bladder and extrahepatic Biliary system and Pancreas (Aleppo University)
    Axillary Hidrandenitis Suppurativa: Experience & Clinical Evaluation of "Rigg" operation (Royal Preston Hospital)
    Burn Care in Practice at Al-Razi Hospital (Health Ministry)
    Burns Injuries (Health Ministry)
    Third crus ear deformity (Health Ministry)
    Therapeutic radiation induced neoplasia: Scalp malignant tumors (Health Ministry)
    Reconstmction in lower limb Injuries (Health Ministry)
    Local Flaps in head and neck Reconstruction (Health Ministry)
    Reduction Mammoplasty (Health Ministry)
    Balanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty: The post First 100 (Health Ministry)

    Prizes, Courses, Meetings, Symposiums and Congresses Attended:

    I had the opportunity to attend many

  • During my training in the UK:
  • Sponsored by BAPS and BAAPS including Training and Instructional Courses
  • During my Career:
  • NATIONAL: sponsored by Syrian Association and Health Ministry
  • ARABIC: including many sponsored by G.C.C., PanArab , Arab Health
  • EUROPEAN: including the British (BAPS & BAAPS)
  • INTERNATIONAL: sponsored by IPRAS congresses